Before you decide on your tea selection, please arrange to visit us so we can run a tasting for you. This is the best way to experience all that is on offer. We can discuss with you what may work best for your establishment in terms of both tea and tea wares. If you prefer us to visit you to conduct a tasting, please let us know.

This is an important part of our service that we emphasise to all our wholesale clients. Not only can we show your team how to brew teas correctly, we can train them on how best to promote tea to your patrons. The training is always customised to suit your style of offering, your physical space and your clientele. Complimentary to all our wholesale clients, please simply contact us to arrange.

Guest Brewing
Want us to run a tea service at your establishment for a day? It’s a good way to engage your customers - pique the interest of the less initiated and indulge the enthusiasts all at the same time! There’s many ways to run a guest brewing day, we can do gong fu steeping, offer a special rare teas menu, simply brew your existing range or a combination of any of these ideas. Talk to us about our guest brewing service.

Custom Blending and Sourcing
Chasing a specific flavour, health benefit or aesthetic? We’ve been designing blends for people since we began nearly 10 years ago. Many seek Tjok’s homeopathy knowledge when it comes to creating recipes to assist with health goals. Others also look to us to custom blend teas to complement their offerings - sometimes this can be a tweak of an existing recipe, e.g. changing ratios to accent a particular note for a custom EBT or creating something entirely from scratch. Like a tailored blend for a special event perhaps? Maybe you’re after a rare tea or herb that isn't currently listed. Find out from us.


We’re now extending services to individuals previously offered only to businesses. This includes our custom blending and tea tasting sessions.

Custom Blending 
There are numerous reasons why people like to create blends that are uniquely their own. Many do so to assist with a health goal - it could be weight loss or improving on existing conditions. Tjok, our in-house homeopath will design a recipe to suit. Others also like to create blends based on particular flavours or visual aesthetic, whether it’s for a wedding, to use at home or as a gift. Drop us a line about your needs and we'll get blending. 

Tea Tastings
Come join us in our gong fu tasting room, have an eye on the action as we sip above our blending and production floor. Taste all sorts of rare single estates and original blends, learn about its production and share your thoughts. Select either a short 30min session or a full hour. Enjoy on your own or gather up a few friends, up to 6 people per sitting (contact us for larger numbers). Hope to see you here!