Jasmine Dragon Eyes OG+ 100g - 茉莉龍珠

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Xiaowang, Guangxi, Zhejiang, China    

Hand-rolled by Xiaowang Tea Co-O’€™s artisan tea crafters, the effort behind this is arduous from selection to shaping. The white streaks in these pearls denote an amount of young shoots were selected, not just purely mature green leaves. The green tea is then laid over racks of jasmine blossoms and the jasmine racks are exchanged five times to ensure a thorough infusion.

After the scenting, the tea is carefully rolled and shaped to minimise the loss of essential oils.

Dry leaves: dark green, white streaked pearls
Liquor: light yellow liquor
Taste: sweet, fragrant jasmine
Process: withered, scented, rolled and baked




rinse, 0:50

rinse, 3:00

rinse, 0:20 x1 infusion
0:15 x3 infusions

Shipping Weight 0.1000kg

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