Hojicha OG+ 50g ほうじ茶

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Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Ken, Japan
From the same family that brought you our sencha - zairai, this hojicha makes the most of late season sencha by applying an additional drum roasting end stage. After the usual steaming and drying of a sencha process, the green tea is placed in a large rotating perforated drum over 200C+ charcoal heat for fast firing. The leaf changes to a light hazelnut brown, and the end result is a light, airy leaf full of sweet nutty aromas. Much of the caffeine is lost during the roasting, so this tea is also well suited to those after a more calming brew. The roasted profile also removes the sensitivity to water temperature and the tendency towards astringency most green teas are challenged with.

Dry leaves: long hazelnut, flat julienne cuts
Liquor: light golden colour 
Taste: toasty, roasted hazelnut, caramel
Process: steamed, dried, then drum roasted on high heat







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