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Ingredients: gingko, Siberian ginseng, tulsi, ashwaganda, lemon verbena, spearmint, macca, licorice, astragalus, schisandra
Origin: China, India, Egypt, Peru, Argentina
When the mind is clear and the spirit is calm, what you can accomplish seems limitless.

Cool helps you focus and de-stress at the same time, making it a friend to those having to multi-task, study for exams or undergo complex thinking.

This blend may just be as complex as your task at hand. The ingredient tulsi considered the most important herb in ayurvedic medicine promotes calm and increases concentration. As gingko increases bloodflow to the brain, a range of adaptogens such as schisandra, ginseng, macca and astragalus add support by replenishing the adrenal glands. Then spearmint gives not just the palate a lasting cool, but is known for being carminative and a mental stimulant.

So much going on for those with a lot going on. But don’t fret, let us help you keep your cool.

Taste: lemon cola, mint, manuka
Feeling the heat? Try this tea iced














Therapeutic brewing
Brew 3g/250ml at 100˚C for 7 minutes


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