Ceylon Orange Pekoe OG+ 70g 锡兰红茶

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Mooloya Estate, Uda Pussellawa District, Sri Lanka     

Stepping away from our perennial Kandy district OPs, we head south east to Uda Pussellawa for our autumnal pick.

A combination of high elevation (1500m) and its unique position of being exposed to the "dual system" (benefiting both north easterly and southwest monsoons) is said to offer the highest quality between July and September to which this tea was picked. This organic OP appears testament to the theory. It offers a deeper, richer cup allowing it to be had with milk but with an even roundness so as to intercept any astringency creep when brewed under the suggested parameters. On a straight black brew, it's balance is reminiscent of our recently created Rolling Meadows. A mid-strength cacao note predominates while texturing the palate akin to a light crema.

Dry leaves: mid-length, twisted
Liquor: light amber colour
Taste: cacao, hint of hazelnut
Process: organic, fully oxidised







Try this tea iced

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