Yunnan Gold 70g 滇红 - 高山

Dian Jin

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Dianhong Farms, Fengqing, Yunnan, China

This Fenqing offering consists of younger leaves that have just reached the cusp of full oxidisation, leaving with it a golden appearance and a lighter, sweeter brew. The taste is complex, with a combination of molasses, malt, citrus and raisin.

Please note this one is a marathon runner. You may not appreciate it fully on first infusion. Its beauty is in its ability to last over many infusions even on longer 200ml steeps (as opposed to the standard 125ml gai wan). Yunnan Gold is destined to be your loyal companion through an hour’s parley with a like-minded colleague.

Dry leaves: medium length, amber with golden streaks
Liquor: amber colour, molasses, malt, citrus and raisins
Process: fully oxidised


0:15 x4 infusions































































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