Sencha - Zairai 100g OG+ 煎茶 - 霧島

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Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima Ken, Japan 
“Zairai” or from seed is as native a tea plant as it is going to get in Japan. Having been brought over from China during the Tang dynasty, tea is not indigenous to the country. However, unlike the majority of Japanese tea which are now grown from cuttings, growing from seed means the tea will have the benefits of local hereditary history, in this case stemming back 100+ years. This means it will retain all that the local Kirishima terroir has had to offer including the mineral-packed waters of the Tenko River and the nutrient-rich volcanic soils of the still presently active Sakurajima volcano.
No, you will not get a copy-cat crop every harvest from a zairai tea. But that is part of the beauty.  You’ve got to taste each harvest for its individuality and gauge whether it meets your expectations. This offering does it for us, a clean, mellow marine note that is as palatable to the experienced as it is to those new to steamed green tea.
Dry leaves: uniform mid-length green straight cuts
Liquor: jade colour
Taste: soft marine notes, mildly vegetal, lasting flavour
Process: non-oxidised, steamed then lightly fired







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