Phoenix - Green 50g 凤凰山绿茶

Feng Huang Shan Lo Cha

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Wu Dong Collective, Feng Huang Shan, Chao'an Guangdong, China

In an industrious attempt to create their own take on the export-popular green Tie Guan Yin, the growers in the collective decided to “kill green” earlier than their usual phoenix oolong styles. Whilst the purpose was shrewd, the result itself was a pleasant surprise. It did not necessarily replicate the osmanthus florals typical of an iron goddess but retained the phoenix cultivar's usual orchid aroma. Being non-oxidised added a rawness of young bok choy - this, together with the aforementioned could trick the mind into thinking it a relative of the Anxi classic. Regardless, it should be tasted and classified for its own uniqueness. A new breed of green tea coming at you Chaozhou style - a decent complement to the native subtle food palate. 

Dry leaves: long twisted light green leaves
Liquor: light yellow
Taste: orchids, unripe melons, young bok choy 
Process: non-oxised - dehydrated, rolled and baked

0:30 x4 infusions

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