Matcha 100g 抹茶

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Ujitawara, Kyoto, Japan

Three weeks before harvest, the tea bushes of this matcha are shaded to intensify chlorophyll levels, offering its vibrance in colour. These leaves are the same as that used in the prized gyokuro - only in this instance the leaves are not kneaded or shaped, but stone-ground to a fine powder. Stems are also avoided when picking for matcha production as the ground tea needs all the sweetness it can retain, which are found mainly in young leaves.

Note that this is a drinking-grade matcha, and as such, more effort has been placed in the growing, selecting and processing than the purely culinary-grades. As such, the colour is bright green and not dulled, a testament to its freshness and care given to avoid oxidation.

Appearance: fine, bright green powder
Liquor: deep green
Taste: notes of nori, spring water, kale
Process: shade-grown, steamed, lightly fired, stone-ground

*NB: Keep airtight and store in freezer to maintain freshness

Sieve 0.8g of matcha through to a drinking bowl. Add 100ml of water at 70C. Using a bamboo whisk to dissolve the matcha in the water, using a fast yet steady "M" shaped hand-movement until beverage is lightly frothed. Serve with sweets.

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