Iron Robe 50g 铁袍

Tie Pao

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Zhendou, Anxi, Fujian, China

In the mountainous region of Zhendou, something perculiar is happening. Wanting to step away from the expected tie guan yin variety to which this region is known, Mr Zhen and his crew decided to transplant a different Fujian classic grown normally some 500km north in Wuyi Mountains. Yes, the famed Da Hong Pao or Big Red Robe.

The transplant of this most famous of rock teas in Iron Goddess country has resulted in a hybrid that makes perfect sense on the palate. Perhaps it’s the cross pollination, perhaps it’s the combination of a different terroir with a foreign variety, what ever the reason may be, the smokiness and sometimes metallic hint of rock teas are downplayed with the frangipani notes of the tie guan yin, giving rise to a delectable combo of aroma and taste. This is reminiscent of a high grade Shui Jin Gui (Golden Turtle) rock tea variety, lighter on the palate than Da Hong Pao with a sweet mineral backdrop.

Dry leaves: twisted, light brown with green tinges
Taste: watermelon, riverstone, frangipani
Process: semi-oxidised, rolled and fired




rinse, 1:20

rinse, 3:30

0:30 x4 infusions


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