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Si Ren Pin Tie Guan Yin

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Jishan, Longjuan Township, Anxi, Fujian, China

This is the last of the 2016 autumn harvest from the Xie family of Jishan village. The season’s tea they had prepared for wholesale had all been purchased so this was acquired from what they had put aside for their own home use.

From growing to processing, this was all done by the Xies and their seasonally hired hands. Growing and tending their mountain top allotment of just under 2ha (19,500sqm) requires year-round care though most of the work is done leading up to spring and autumn harvests. Tea bushes are kept in neat rows all around the terraced tops and are naturally irrigated by rainwater. Bushes don’t tend to exceed a height of 50cm as they are heavily harvested to maximise yield. Bushes last for a six-year cycle here, after which they are removed and replaced by seedlings.

Picking is done by the women as they are believed to possess the right chi force.  Men’s strength is said to be too rough and attitude too impatient. Top five leaves including bud are picked (often they note, the bud falls off in the rough and tumble that is tie guan yin shaping so unlike other teas, buds are not necessarily regarded).

Then comes the extremely arduous task of processing. After laying out to wither in the sun, the teas are rolled in bamboo baskets for cell rupturing. These days at least the baskets have been fixed to motors. After this bruising, the leaves are put on large bamboo woven plates inside racks for oxidation for a few hours. They are then placed inside baking drums for fixing, filled in sacks for mechanical shaping, placed in a racked warmer for further oxidizing and this latter three-part process is repeated about 10 times!

Approximately 50kg of this can be produced per day for a 15-day period. This equates to approximately 1 tonne per season. They are often sold as is, but this would include stems. Stems then need to be removed, shedding about half the weight. So in a given season, 500kg of useable tea is produced by the Xies.

This private stock’s flavour remains fresh as the day it was processed as it has been kept well refrigerated. Bright, floral perfume and a clean, crisp liquor. Orchid and chrysanthemum notes abundant. 

Dry leaves: green clusters
Liquor: clear jade colour
Taste: very floral, orchids, gardenias, chrysanthemum
Process: withered, bruised, lightly oxidised, kill green, rolled (shaped) and baked and repeat 

2:00 x1 infusion
1:10 x1 infusion
rinse, 4:30
0:10 rinse,
0:40 x1 infusion
0:35 x1 infusion
0:25 x 2 infusions
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