Iron Goddess - Iron Palm 100g 铁观音 - 铁掌

Tie Guan Yin - Tie Zhang

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Gande, Anxi, Fujian China
Since tea mechanisation, iron goddess have been rolled/bruised and shaped by motorised tumblers and kneaders. With this Iron Palm version however, we’re taking it back to ol' school hand-processing. Why? No other reason than Mr Zhang’s labour of love and passion for nostalgia. You can taste the love with each steaming pour - a unique sweet malt atop the usual tie guan yin florals, the combination is rare, delicate and lifting. Scooped up by the hands of the enlightened one and raised to the sky to taste the sweet heavenly vapours.
Dry leaves: green, rolled, twisted but unfurled
Liquor: light jade colour
Taste: sweet barley, osmanthus, frangipani
Process: withered, lightly hand-bruised, lightly oxidised, hand-shaped and baked 
1:20 x1 infusion
1:00 X1 infusion
0:15 rinse 
0:45 x1 infusion
0:30 x1 infuision
0:20 x1 infusion
0:15 x1 infusion 

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