Golden Peony OG+ 50g 金牡丹

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Ciaqing Co-op, Zheng He, Fujian, China

These standout plants yield a more concentrated sweetness. And thus, the Golden Peony was born! Coupled with their relative scarcity, this tea is highly prized and supply is frequently well short of demand each year.

Caiqing farm is situated at a low altitude of 350m+ sea level. At this altitude, weather can be warmer and more humid, creating faster growing and more full bodied tea. This creates an interesting dichotomy in white tea- while they are more subtle in flavor as a category of tea, the low lying conditions adds a rich edge. This complexity is further heightened in the Golden Peony in that it is an autumn flush.

Dry leaves: bright green leaves with silver downy shoots
Taste: fresh morning dew, nectarines, pears, lightly vegetal
Process: organically grown, withered and baked

Getting slammed in service? Brew this tea in a 3L batch






0:40 x4 infusions

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