Fanggu Porcelain Teapot (250ml)

Limited Edition

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This “fang gu/仿古" (antique) shape synonymous with the classical stylings of original yixing teapots, has been uniquely applied to white porcelain. 
Fans of the yixing teapot can now appreciate the aesthetic in an all-day, every-way teapot - making the ordinary porcelain teapot extraordinary. However, it’s not just about appearance. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this teapot for a better brewing experience. Note the internal spout holes that eliminate the need for a strainer when brewing orthodox sized leaves. The 250ml volume also allows you to completely drain a single steep directly into a regular cup or two small cups, bypassing the use of a fairness cup or decanter. Our Fang Gu Porcelain Teapot has also been further customised with a breathing hole on the lid for a smooth, dripless pour, even when filled near the brim.
We currently have limited supply available. Get in quick to secure this rarity in teapot design.

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