Dragon Well - Spring Pick 70g 明前龍井

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Shaoxing County, Zhejiang, China
Due to decades (if not centuries) of international renown and associated prestige, Hangzhou origin Ming Qian Dragon Well have been tightly reserved for officials and at times, heavily speculated. Objecting to this elitism, seasoned growers decided to move slightly south to Shaoxing where terroir is similar and still within close proximity to the waters of Hangzhou Bay, bringing with them the same original cultivar. Thus, making this a clever and rebellious offering with the expected sweetness of a typical Ming Qian season picked Dragon Well without the speculator's premium. 

Though light on the nose, once brewed, the sensations on the tongue is immediate with an unmistakable, lasting first flush sweetness married with the pleasures of newly ripened chestnuts. The leaf appearance are round and petite, typical of highly-prized Dragon Well grown within the inner-ring of Hangzhou.

Please note this is a limited 2017 offering - Ming Qian is over so production has now ceased. Once used, there will be no more so it’s a good idea to set some aside in the fridge for that special occasion.

Dry leaves: light green, rounded yet petite
Liquor: light jade colour
Taste: honey suckle, watercress, chestnut
Process: withered, shaped, wok-fired
0:25 x4 infusions

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