Dragon Cirrocumulus 70g 龍高雲

Long Gao Yun

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Shaoxing County, Zhejiang, China

As the name suggests, this is an intriguing hybrid of Longjing and high-grown Cloud & Mist. The popular Longjing no. 43 cultivar originally transplanted to Shaoxing to extend production of Dragon Well has now been used to produce neighbouring Jiang Xi province’s Yun Wu (Cloud & Mist). The production techniques of high-grown Yun Wu including the repeated twisting of fine young shoots to create its iconic shape were applied here. Cross breeding with Jiang Xi Yun Wu cultivars would further heighten its proximity to classic Yun Wu. 

What results in flavour is just as intriguing as its history. The most obvious elements are that which is synonymous with classic Cloud & Mist notes- buttery and succulent pineapple. However, its Dragon Well roots cannot help from reaching out, adding a touch of warmed chestnuts to the mix.

This is another limited 2017 spring-flush offering, not to be reproduced once stocks depleted.

Dry leaves: thin deep green curls
Liquor: light jade colour
Taste: spring water, spinach, cashew 
Process: withered, repeatedly shaped (twisted, rolled curled), baked
0:15 x2 infusions
0:10 x2 infusions
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