Iron Goddess - Double Fired 100g 鐵觀音 - 双烘

Si Ren Pin Tan Xiang Yin Tie Guan Yin

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Jishan, Longjuan Township, Anxi, Fujian, China
From the last of Xie family’s 2016 autumn private stock, some were set aside for a “post production firing”. Originally, re-baking tie guan yin was a way to bring new life to stale tea but now it has been taken to a whole new artform as incidental discoveries often do over time. The craftsmanship involved in the re-firing process now warrants a higher price than the normal version

What results is a caramel and fairy-floss sweetness that wafts up on rinse and lingers on for six infusions. When not over-done, re-firing often emphasises sweetness, perhaps due to caramelising of oils on the leaf’s surface that had already been brought out under the normal process but had crystalised with age.

This Tan Heung Ying style can also get better with age when stored in very cool conditions, away from moisture, air and light. Unlike its fresh produced cousin that’s prized for its floral and crisp feel, the character of this tea does not dissipate as quickly over time. This is a highly unique crafted and re-crafted offering.

Please see the fresh version for details on the Xie’s growing and production of their tie guan yin.

Dry leaves: light brown clusters
Liquor: pinkish, caramel, macadamias, fairy floss, sweet popcorn
Process: withered, bruised, lightly oxidised, kill green, rolled (shaped) and baked and repeat. Then refired after a month. 

1:00 x1 infusion
0:45 x1 infusion
rinse, 3:45
0:10 rinse,
0:30 x2 infusions
0:20 x 2 infusions
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