Dong Ding 100g 东定

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Lugu, Nantou County, Taiwan

The microclimate in Dong Ding mountain is unique for its relative consistency throughout the year - warm sunshine in the early morning, followed by high humidity under a heavy fog blanket for most of the day. Many prefer the winter pick over the spring as it often yields a sweeter yet mellower brew. This may be attributed to the less damaging sun exposure during the winter which the leaves of this Qing Xin cultivar tend to prefer (in warmer seasons, tea bushes would be covered).

The oxidation level for this oolong is between 20-25%, giving it some body but generally, a lightness in character. Winter oolongs often require more 'softening' when brewing, so a long rinse is recommended. In a gai wan steep, the third infusion tends to be the most aromatic and flavoursome. A strong gardenia perfume permeates, delivering a sweet, and slightly nutty concoction with a cooling aftertaste.

Dry leaves: green clusters
Liquor: light yellow colour , aromatic, gardenias, sweet corn, almonds
Process: withered, lightly oxidised, rolled and baked






0:15 rinse,
0:45 x1 infusion
0:20 x1 infusion
0:15 x1 infusion
0:10 x1 infusion

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