Big Red Robe - High Cliff 50g 大红袍 - 高山

Da Hong Pao

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Xiaowang Tea Farms, Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, China

This is simply the Xiaowang producers’ best cliff oolong. Of limited production, this is grown on the highest elevation available, cliff-side. Due to the scarcity and delicate nature, the producers thought it best to retain much of its natural character by not over-oxidising or over-firing,€“ so unlike many of its counterparts, the dry leaf is largely green. The result is a delicate interplay of melon, riverstone and a hint of baked bread.

Dry leaves: long, twisted, light brown with green tinges
Taste: honey dew, rock melon, spring water, wet stone, baked bread
Process: semi-oxidised, rolled and fired




rinse, 1:20

rinse, 3:30

0:30 x4 infusions

Shipping Weight 0.0500kg

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