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Da Hong Pao

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Xiaowang Tea Farms, Wuyi Mountains, Fujian, China

​On the hillsides of Wuyi, the Xiaowang team cultivate the famed Da Hong Pao ‘rock tea’. Though the original tea trees found on the sides of the Wuyi cliff are a protected rarity, Xiaowang has used cuttings to develop this oolong within the same area, soil types and at good altitudes of 1000m above sea level.

The making of this tea is an arduous series of withering, cooling, rolling, firing, re-rolling, re-firing and charcoal finishing. The result is a complex tea. While the smoky, woody aromas linger constantly in the backdrop, there is a piercing freshness of river stone and spring water that cuts through the middle. Locals believe its ancestry of being grown on a rocky cliff face gives the tea a mineral-like characteristic that can't be duplicated outside of the Wuyi Mountains. 

Dry leaves: long, twisted, dark mahogany
Taste: smoky, woody, stone fruit, dark chocolate, spring water
Process: semi-oxidised, rolled, fired, charcoal finished




rinse, 0:30

rinse, 1:30

0:20 x4 infusions

Getting slammed in service? Brew this tea in a 3L batch

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