2016 Shou Pu-erh Menghai Tou Cha 100g

V93 | batch #1601 - first batch for 2016

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Menghai Tea Factory, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China

Produced using the highest grade shou tou cha 1993 original recipe, this modern day classic was intentionally fermented lightly, allowing leaves to retain much of their natural flavour. Unique for a shou pu-erh, the V93 offers a lighter, brisker brew than its fellow “cooked” counterparts. With a nod to the sheng, this tea has broad appeal, easing the uninitiated into the shou world while giving intrigue to the connoisseur. It is perhaps for this reason that it was awarded a gold medal in the 2006 Shanghai International.
Due to its renown, it is worthwhile cellaring a shou V93 tear drop or two and wait for the avid collectors lining up at your door five years down the line, auction plaques at-the-ready. Get ‘em before they get on the upswing, we can’t guarantee this price for long.
Origin: Menghai Tea Factory, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China
Dry leaf: compressed small bowl or “tear drop” shape. Leaves are mostly mid-sized with numerous golden buds throughout.
Taste: leafy, mulled wine
Process: pan-fired, sun-dried, rolled, post-fermented, moulded.

1. Pre-heat a 150ml Yixing (clay) pot with boiling water
2. Add 8-10g of tea and rinse the leaves for up to 10 seconds
3. Brew using 90-100˚C water for 20-30 seconds
4. Can be infused >8 times


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